Move & Downsize

We want to help you get on with life, be independent, connected, respected and live, for as long as possible, in your own home. With this goal in mind we offer:

Paying attention to your wellbeing in later life enhances your quality of life and gives you a heightened sense of self-value and connection. It is as important as keeping physically healthy.

In addition to helping you with all the practical aspects of moving and downsizing, we also want to help you make sure that once you have settled in, you are taking full advantage of all the connections and activities around you which will enable you to thrive and live life to the full.

We understand that your wellbeing is nurtured through relationships, social contacts, feelings of belonging and being valued and that your independence is fostered through having choice and control over how you live your life. With this is mind we can give you advice on ensuring and improving your wellbeing and maintaining your independence including information which:

We have experience of accessing Self Directed Support in Scotland and can give practical help with all aspects of applying for and co-ordinating an Individual Budget or Direct Payment.

Hopefully your new home will be everything you want but the chances are that you need a bit of help adjusting to the change. Our one-to-one coaches can help identify the main anxieties for both you and your family and work out the best ways of tackling them.

You can also join The Home Straight Community and receive regular e-bulletins keeping you in touch with issues relating to older people’s health and wellbeing. We live in an ageing society where people are living longer and the balance of life is changing, by 2020 it is estimated that a quarter of Scotland’s population will be over 65 so you can rest assured that there will be more and more focus on these topics!