Moving, downsizing and ageing in place solutions for older people

If you are an older person, The Home Straight is Scotland’s only expert provider of services designed to help you move to a new home or adapt your current home to enable you to live there safely and independently. We also advise on improving wellbeing and accessing government health and social care services including financial support.

Picture of a lady deep in thought about where to live.

Where is best for me to live?

Using our Home4Life Toolkit, we can help you make the right decision about where to live. We can guide you through all the options, whether that is moving to a smaller property, specialist retirement home, sheltered housing, residential care or nursing home. Read more…

Image of a couple packing. The upheaval of moving can be stressful.

I’m dreading the upheaval of moving!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, moving is stressful. We can take the pressure off as much or as little of the moving process as you would like by helping you declutter, recycle, prepare your current home for sale and organize all aspects of your move. Read more…

Image of a couple and the lady is sat in a wheelchair preparing food. Adapting your home can make it easier to stay.

Can I adapt my current home?

You may wish to adapt your current home to your changing needs so that you can continue to live there safely and independently. Our registered Occupational Therapist will help you understand the options and advise you on solutions for both inside and outside your home. Read more…